Clogged gutters cause overflowing that results in damage to walls, soffit and fascia, windows, and basements. Gutters and downspouts take massive amounts of rain and snowmelt away from your house and foundation. Gutter overflow, which is captured in your basement blocks, is the main cause of base...

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Why is Gutter Filter is the best choice for gutter protection in Minnesota?

1. Gutter Filter gutter guards utilize a fine mesh stainless steel screen to filter the debris from entering the gutter. This allows snowmelt to run through the screen, enter the clog-free gutter, and exit through the do...

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Why should you have gutter screens for your home? They protect against:

foundation problems
basement leaks and flooding
rotting windows
rotting fascia and soffits
damaged insulation
mold and mildew
flower bed erosion and other landscaping problems

The Gutter Filter gutter screen is made of fine...

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Traditional solid gutter guards are typically inadequate because they can become clogged and work poorly on steep-sloped roofs. Minnesota winters often cause icicles because melting water cannot enter the gutter.

Fortunately, Gutter Filter gutter guards help water flow into the gutter because t...

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Why choose Gutter Filter?

Lifetime guarantee: nothing but water will go into your gutters

Cost-effective: we install and reinforce existing gutters

Durability: no corrosion or rust with surgical grade stainless steel micro-screen

Non-obtrusive: does not go under or disturb roof shingles

No o...

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After carefully studying the many varieties of issues involving gutter systems and roofs, we realized that a properly designed gutter protection system was needed. Gutter Filter is a system of micro-mesh gutter guards made of strong aluminum and surgical-grade stainless steel mesh that handles an...

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Due to COVID health concerns GutterFilter is conducting business by not entering any homes. We maintain a safe distance and have a no contact policy. We have undertaken necessary measures to protect our clients and our employees. We continue to keep you , our clients safe from harm.

What are the best gutter guards for Minnesota’s climate? Unfortunately, traditional solid hood gutters have not performed well in Minnesota winters. The solid metal hood becomes cold and when snow melts off the roof and contacts the cold metal hood, the water refreezes. This melt-freeze cycle lea...

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a week ago
GutterFilter installed their filter system on our home. They are professional with a highly quality product at a good price.
- Scott H
a year ago
We were tired of having to clean our gutters twice a year, I decided to hire Gutter Filter so we wouldn't have to clean our gutters anymore, and we are very pleased with the results! I recommend Gutter Filter to everyone, the staff are courteous and professional. The filter does exactly what it says it will do!
- Christine D
4 years ago
We had Gutterfilter installed on our house last April of 2015. The Product has worked perfectly. I would recommend to anyone .
- Join L

About us

Every inch of the gutter system and roof has its own set of issues. We've carefully studied each of those issues and realized that a properly designed gutter protection system was needed. Gutter Filter is a crafted and patented micro-mesh gutter guards made of strong aluminum and surgical-grade stainless steel mesh that handles an amazing amount of water while keeping even small debris like pine needles out of your gutters.Confident in our beginnings, we continued to research more ways to provide complete protection for your home.

When gutters become overwhelmed in certain areas with heavy volumes of water, they ‘overshoot' which defeats the whole purpose of having gutters in the first place. Our patented line of RHINO Miters complete THE RHINO® system by addressing such trouble spots as inside roof valleys, bay windows, and heavy water streams created by upper stories or underneath dormers.

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